QMS For Every Sized Laboratory

Dentists are asking everyday about using legal, FDA cleared custom abutments. Dental laboratories are concerned about the FDA potential overreach. evo820 was founded by dental industry professionals to provide laboratories a pathway to regulatory compliance through a practical and affordable implementation of a Quality Management System that is specifically designed for the CAD/CAM dental laboratory.

With the FDA now determining how to regulate CAD/CAM manufactured implant supported restorations, It is critical that the dental laboratory owner understand this determination requires milling centers or dental laboratories processing CAD/CAM abutments, either Titanium custom abutments or hybrid Titanium base custom abutments, must have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place and register with the FDA.

evo820, a company comprised of dental laboratory veterans, will provide you a customized QMS for your laboratory that is practical and affordable for any sized laboratory.

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